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With a focus on 2-4 times growth in the first year of partnership our clients LOVE the freedom and lives they now get to enjoy.

I started working with Renee because I wanted someone to jump in my business and help optimise what we already have. I enjoy her no fluff approach. She isn't consistently suggesting the next "big" thing, she is all about doing the work and freeing up my time to work on the business not in it.
I've set some really big goals this year and I wanted someone to help map out growth strategy and identify KPI's we need to hit to achieve these goals.I know we have an epic product that sells, with an epic network of loyal fans, however I have no previously experience with scaling.
I love that Renee challenges my way of thinking, and is an honest, great human!

Debra B

I started working with Renee as iI was looking for an objective input to scale my business. Renee is positive, high energy, no BS lets dig in and make progress happen approach! It all comes back to our most valuable asset, time. I push myself everyday to make sure I am getting the most of my time. My business has changed since working with Renee, Much more intentional. Every number and every move matters. How you spend your time and energy are your patterns and habits. They have to be good habits to get he progress you are looking for! For someone who is serious about growth in their business, you need a coach! Renee will help you kick your own booty in to gear and get the

Mollie V

Renee is an absolute boss legend. She has taught me so much about setting up and running a successfully business that I didn’t even know was important about running a business. She has literally taken my thinking, direction and planning to a whole new level, making my mind shift from ‘I don’t think I can do this’ to an ‘I’m a powerhouse and can do anything’. Whilst my business hasn’t ‘changed much’ since starting to work with Renee I am now on a path where I can really see the direction we are heading in and I am ready for big growth. I don’t know how this ladies brain works but I’m soo glad I get to tap In it and have her all her magic help me get the direction, focus and growth I need to have the life of my dreams. I wouldn’t even consider working with Renee, I would just do it. My future self is thanking me for taking the plunge already.
Kachia D

Hello, Im Jane Beckenham from Home Restyle with Jane and i waited 6 years to start my business.

6 year because of the fear of the unknown, fear of the known and just plain has no idea how or where to start.

A chance meeting online with Renee changed all that!

Renee GOT ME! she understood the fear, she inspired me! Motivated me!

Talking with her, knowing that she understood my headspace is more than HALF THE BATTLE.

It is all about mindset, and her massive dose of encouragement and understanding. That is why i started working with Renee.

Yes it as a HUGE commitment, totally and absolutely huge. I have never invested in myself in such a way in all my life. So to make that
commitment to her and myself was a wonderful, exciting massive leap forward and i have never regretted it for a moment.

In the first month during a world wide lockdown i started my business and learned how to use the massive resource i had already
unknowingly created and began the process of creating passive income.

Renee is motivating and excited for you, understands your fear and no problem is insurmountable. Plus she picks me up on the days
when it all got a bit overwhelming.

Mindset is Renee’s power and she teaches you to train your mindset. Without Renee i don’t think i would have ever started my
business. Yes it is a commitment, scary at times but she has given me the drive, determination, dedication and bloody mindedness to
actually get out there and do it despite the fact that i am at retirement age.

Renee has helped me see the enormous potential of my business and where it could do and has given me the direction it needed.

The world is now my oyster,

Thanks Renee

Jane B

Home Restyle With Jane

This is a long post. But I need to share with the group how amazing Renee is. She is changing my LIFE!

After my first call with her I knew I wanted to work closer as I had this feeling that I can’t explain. I just KNEW she was put in my path
to guid me in my journey to be a bad ass mum and unleash!

After that first call I was pumped. I knew I needed to sign up to her master class program so we could work together more. I knew if I
worked hard I could get the funds together for her course. I know that some how it will all work out.

Well yesterday was my first call from my course. It was a getting to know you call. And I kid you not. That phone call has opened me.
We Doug deep and lots of hard questions. However I found my ⚓ and wow that was powerful. I went to bed feeling so much lighter.
No stress. No worry just possibilities.

Today I have had such a productive day. I have achieved so much and my energy has been so high. I have been slow to anger,
compassionate, attentive and most of all present.

If you want to see more hear is a slightly edited message I sent Renee today.

My best advice. She is a super star who has her superpower. If I feel like this in day ONE how will I feel and where will I be in ten
weeks time. Take the leap of faith you won’t regret it at all. Your only regret not taking it.

Message sent by me at 8pm tonight.

Wow what a productive day today. Even tho my children are late to bed as we were having so much fun in the garden that dinner
was late and they are only just about to have a bath. Wow how much I have truly enjoyed them today.

My house still has that laundry pile to do but I made the chooce to leave it as my children just wanted me present.

This morning after watching Tony I had a google and found out he is in the UK in October would be amazing to see him.

I have had a clear up in my garden so the kids can enjoy it more. And I spent lots of time out there with them. Also realised that that
time I don’t have was me wasting as I was playing for a while and then getting jobs done in between.

I processed customer orders and sorted out some paperwork. Even tho there wasn’t a hug volume of orders it was good because I have them.

Ciara B